Values of Coins of England and Great Britain

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by Tony Clayton

The Decimal Half Penny

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It is stressed that the following prices are a guide only, and in UK pounds. I can take no personal responsibility for their accuracy, although every effort has been made to ensure that they have been copied correctly.

The information has generally been taken from the UK monthly magazine Coin News, and is reproduced by the kind permission of
Token Publishing Ltd, PO Box 14, Honiton, Devon EX14 9YP, UK

Values of coins in lower condition than BU have not been listed, as except for rare varieties they are worth no more than face value.

Circulation Issues

Type 1: NEW PENNY reverse
Year    BU
1971    2
1973    2
1974    2
1975    2
1976    2
1977    1
1978    1
1979    2
1980    2
1981    2
Type 2: HALF PENNY reverse
Year    BU
1984    4

Coins from Uncirculated Mint Sets

Coins from Royal Mint Uncirculated Sets are distinguishable from circulation issues and command a small premium.

Year    BU
1982f   2
1983f   1
1984f   5

Proof Issues

Year    BU
1971p   3
1972p   15
1973p   3
1974p   3
1975p   3
1976p   3
1977p   3
1978p   4
1979p   4
1980p   3
1981p   4
1982p   3
1983p   4
1984p   6

Extracted from Coin News November 2014


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