Values of Coins of England and Great Britain

('Coins of the UK')

by Tony Clayton

'Live' Bullion Values for UK gold and silver coins

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Please bear in mind that these are offered as a guide and that I can take no responsibility for their accuracy or otherwise.

If you cannot see any details above, I regret to say that you need a more modern browser. Slightly dated information can be found here (I shall update the page occasionally).

The silver threepence is half the weight of a sixpence, but remember that the percentage weight loss due to wear is higher (400 threepence are generally less heavy than the same face value (40) of halfcrowns).
The crown and double florin are twice the weight of the halfcrown and florin respectively. However, these pre-1946 silver coins almost always have a numismatic value in excess of their bullion value.

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