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Thirty Shillings

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Fine Sovereign

In 1550 a large version of the sovereign, known as the Fine Sovereign, was struck by Edward VI and valued at thirty shillings. The issue continued with issues by Queen Mary in 1553 and 1554, and then during the reign of Elizabeth I until 1600.

The fine sovereigns are magnificent coins, showing the monarch enthroned on the obverse, and with the royal arms over a Tudor rose on the reverse. They are all quite scarce and valuable; Coincraft lists VF specimens at 5000 or more, and those of Edward VI are particularly rare.

Rose-Ryal or Two-Ryal

A very rare series struck by James I between 1604 and 1625. There are two main designs: the first (second coinage) type has a small shield over a Tudor Rose on the reverse; the second (third coinage) type has a larger shield with XXX above, while on the obverse there is a sub-type with a plain back to the King's throne.

Modern forgeries exist of the second type.

The early rose-ryals were revalued at 33 shillings in 1612, while those of the third coinage issued between 1619 and 1625 reverted to 30 shillings.


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