Stamps of the UK and Italy

by Tony Clayton

As a collector of British and Italian Stamps I have created spreadsheets for most of my collection for my personal use. I thought it may help fellow collectors if I provided CSV format files available for download into your favourite database or spreadsheet. I cannot provide Excel files as (i) I do not use Excel, and (ii) CSV files are far more versatile in that they can be loaded into almost all spreadsheet and database programs regardless of the platform used.

Please remember that the files are designed for use with my own collection, and although fairly comprehensive they are not guaranteed to be 100% complete or correct. However, they have been recently rechecked against the latest SG and Sassone catalogues.

Prices are NOT included. If you want these, buy the relevant catalogue! Indeed, you should do this so that you can understand all the abbreviations I have used.

In the case of Machin stamps, Gibbons and Gibbons Specialised catalogue numbers are given, where known, along with Stoneham numbers for some.

The Italian series is not yet complete, but files are available. Sassone and SG numbers are used. Future versions will list Air, Express, etc., separately as in Sassone.

I will have listings of other UK issues such as booklets in due course.

  1. GB Machin definitives 8/3/02
  2. GB QEII Decimal High Values 23/3/00
  3. GB QEII Folded Booklets 5/3/04
  4. GB QEII Stitched Booklets (not yet available)
  5. GB QEII Window/Barcode Booklets - valued, and Greetings/Christmas Booklets 19/6/99
  6. GB QEII Window/Barcode Booklets - NVI 23/3/00
  7. GB Regional Issues 4/5/99 (not counting wartime and independent issues for the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands)
  8. GB Postage Dues 4/5/99
  9. Italy (Kingdom, until 1945) 18/12/99
  10. Italy (Social Republic) 18/12/99
  11. Italy (Republic, 1945-2001) 12/2/02

I have also got pages which identifies varieties of Italian and UK stamps. Further pages will follow in due course.

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