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Seven Shillings, and Seven and Six

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Seven Shillings

Third Guinea

This small gold coin was struck between 1797 and 1813 to fill a gap caused by the lack of silver coins, and to help the Bank of England pay its dividend in the first place. It weighs 2.8 g and has a diameter of 17 mm.

There are two obverses. The first, used until 1803, had a strange portrait of the King (George III) which was replaced in 1804. An example dated 1810 is illustrated.

The reverse changed in 1801 when the King reliquished his claim upon the throne of France. Reverse 1 has a crown surrounded by MAG BRI FR ET HIB REX and the date. Reverse 2 has a similar crown with FIDEI DEFENSOR BRITANNIARUM REX and a cross with the date entered separately under the crown. In 1804 the cross was changed to a mullet at the same time as the obverse changed.

The 1811 coin is rare, while that of 1813, the final year of issue, is scarce. No third guineas were issued in 1805, 1807 or 1812.

Once the new denominations of sovereign and half sovereign had started production, a set of coin weights including one for seven shillings (or third guinea) was minted by the Royal Mint in brass in 1821; these weights are sometimes confused with the gold coins they were used with. The seven shilling weight for the now obsolete third guinea is rare.

Seven Shillings and Sixpence (7/6)


The angel, first issued in 1461 with a value of 80 pence (6s8d), was raised to 90 pence (7/6) in 1526, and then further to 96 pence (8s0d) in 1544.

Thus there was a denomination of seven shillings and sixpence for just eighteen years.


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