Pictures of Coins of the UK

by Tony Clayton

Decimal Proof Sets

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First Portrait

1972 proof

1972 Proof Set
All the 1972 dated coins in this set (except for the crown) are only to be found as proof coins; they were not issued for circulation.
Author's Collection

1975 proof set

1975 Proof Set

1976 proof set

1976 Proof Set

Second Portrait

1992 proof set

1992 Proof Set

1995 proof set

1995 Proof Set

Third Portrait

2001 proof set

2001 Proof Set

2002 CG 1995 proof set

2002 Commonwealth Games Proof Set

2007 proof set

2007 Proof Set

2011 proof set

2011 Proof Set


Decimal Gold Coins <<-- : -->> Fractional Farthings

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