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by Tony Clayton

Decimal Fifty Pence Coins

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Pictures of 2012 Olympic Fifty Pence Coins
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Values of the Decimal Fifty Pence

Large Types

1972 50p

1972 proof fifty pence, Britannia reverse
This date is only found in proof condition, and was not issued for circulation

1973 EEC 50p

1973 fifty pence, EEC reverse

1984 50p

1984 fifty pence, modified reverse
This date was only issued in Royal Mint Sets

1992 EEC 50p

1992/3 proof fifty pence, new portrait, UK Chairmanship of EEC reverse

1994 D-Day 50p

1994 fifty pence, D-Day reverse

Small Types

50p Britannia

1997 fifty pence

1998 50p

1998 50p, EU reverse

50p NHS reverse

1998 50p, NHS reverse

2000 50p

2000 50p, British Library reverse

50p Suffragette reverse

Proof 2003 50p, Suffragette reverse

50p Roger Bannister reverse

2004 50p, Roger Bannister reverse
It is very difficult to get a good scan from such a smooth coin.

50p Dictionary reverse

2005 50p, Johnson's Dictionary reverse

50p VC reverse

2006 proof 50p, Victoria Cross reverse

50p VC 2nd reverse

2006 proof 50p, Heroic Acts reverse

50p normal reverse

2006 50p, Britannia reverse

50p Scouts reverse

2007 50p, Scouts reverse

50p new reverse

2008 50p, new reverse
Note the change in orientation of the obverse

50p Kew reverse

2009 50p, Kew reverse
Note that the denomination is in words on the obverse
Mintage for circulation was very low.
Scanned from a Mint set resulting in reflections from the plastic case.

50p Guiding reverse

2010 50p, Guiding reverse

50p WWF reverse

2011 proof 50p, WWF reverse

50p Ironside

2013 50p, Christopher Ironside reverse
This design was submitted in the 1960's for the new decimal 50p, but the 1969 Britannia design was chosen instead.

50p Britten

2013 50p, Benjamin Britten reverse
Unusual in having both the denomination and date on the obverse

50p CG 2014

2014 50p, Glasgow Commonwealth Games

50p 2015

2015 definitive 50p, new obverse

50p Battle of Britain

2015 50p, Battle of Britain, circulation type

50p Hastings

2016 50p, Battle of Hasting

50p Team GB

2016 50p, Olympics (Team GB)

50p Beatrix Potter

2016 50p, Beatrix Potter

50p Peter Rabbit

2016 50p, Peter Rabbit

50p Miss Tiggywinkle

2016 50p, Miss Tiggywinkle

50p Squirrel Nutkin

2016 50p, Squirrel Nutkin


2016 50p, Jemima Puddleduck
Temporary image, courtesy of The Royal Mint

50p Isaac Newton

2017 50p, Sir Isaac Newton, reverse

50p Jeremy Fisher

2017 50p, Mr Jeremy Fisher, reverse
Temporary image, courtesy of The Royal Mint

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