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The Penny-Halfpenny (or Three Halfpence)

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Elizabethan Three Halfpence

As for the three-farthings, Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603) made an issue of silver three halfpence between 1561 and 1582. They are more common than the three-farthings, and can be distinguished from the half groat by a rose behind the Queen's head. These are the only coins of this denomination that circulated in England, and have an unclipped diameter of 16mm.

Detailed values of these hammered coins are not available. However, specimens retail for from about 25 in Fine and from about 75 in VF.

Colonial Three Halfpence

The three halfpence was issued again between 1834 and 1862 in the reigns of William IV and Victoria for use in the colonies. They never circulated in the UK, but these small silver coins, weighing 0.7g with a diameter of 12mm, are generally considered to be part of the British series as they resemble the Maundy issues.

All have the denomination (1½) in numerals on the reverse, with a crown above and wreath around.

In Ceylon they were equivalent to 4 stivers, while in Jamaica, British Guiana and Trinidad they were equivalent to a quarter of a real.

A rare proof dated 1870 brought the series to a close.


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