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Fifteen Shillings

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The Ryal or Rose Noble had not been popular in earlier incarnations as a ten shilling coin, but it was reintroduced by Mary at a value of 15 shillings. They are extremely rare, and collectors should beware of Victorian forgeries. The obverse shows the Queen on a ship, and the reverse has a radiate rose in the centre of the design.

Elizabeth I also struck the ryal in a similar design between 1584 and 1589, and, according to Coincraft, is accepted as the last truly mediaeval English coin.

Spur Ryal

Strictly a half-ryal at the time, it was originally issued in 1604 by James I. The coin was known as a Spur Ryal because of the spur-like rose and radiant star on the reverse.

The original issue was revalued at sixteen and a half shillings in 1612, and a new lighter Spur Ryal issued in 1619, once again at fifteen shillings. This later version has a distinctive obverse, with a lion holding a sceptre above a shield with X to the left and V to the right, thus clearly indicating its value.

Both issues are very rare, with VF versions valued at around 5000 UK pounds.


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