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Eight Shillings, and 100 Pence (8s4d)

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Values of 8s & 8s4d
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Eight Shillings


The angel, first issued in 1461 with a value of 80 pence (6s8d), was raised to 90 pence (7s6d) in 1526, and then further to 96 pence (eight shillings) in 1544. By 1550 the angel was valued at ten shillings.

As can be seen, the angel was valued at eight shillings for just six years.

Eight Shillings and Fourpence


Due to the rising price of gold the value of existing nobles was raised to 100 pence in 1464. No further coins of this value were struck, as the noble was replaced by the rose-noble or ryal valued at ten shillings.


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